Joanna H. Kraus: playwright/author

Joanna H. Kraus: playwright/author


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An important anthology, the first to trace the evolution of child drama across the last one hundred years in dramatic works and commentary.

Dr. Roger L. Bedard, noted theorist and historian of theatre for young audiences, has updated this classic anthology to offer contemporary perspectives on the growth and development in the field through the twentieth century. Building on the First Edition, published in 1984, Dr. Bedard has selected several new plays and contributed new commentary, including an historical overview which considers the field in the contest of wider social and cultural issues. This Second Edition also includes a bibliography of anthologies of plays for young audiences compiled by Katherine Krzys, Curator of the Child Drama Collection at Arizona State University.

Joanna Kraus’ writings can be found in the following anthologies, click on each title for more information or to purchase.


AROUND THE WORLD IN 21 PLAYS edited by Lowell Swortzell (Applause Books)

In this book of short plays for “young audiences” (nearly all for teenagers), editor Lowell Swortzell carefully chooses plays that treat many different cultures with respect—yet still make exciting dramatic experiences. Ossie Davis’s Escape to Freedom deals with racial relations; Maggie Magalita observes a Latino household where English has been decreed for the children—creating a rift with the grandparents. It’s hard to imagine most teen groups wanting to do (or see) some of these plays, but Y York’s [sic] Afternoon of the Elves (about girls’ cliques) and Wiley and the Hairy Man (an exuberantly enacted fable) are so vivid, you’ll want to read passages aloud—and so will your kids.

20 GREAT PLAYS FOR CHILDREN edited by Coleman Jennings (St. Martin’s Griffin)

Presented with the right plays, children are the most honest and appreciative of audiences. This anthology, compiled by an authority on children’s theatre, collects new and overlooked scripts that represent the best of modern playwriting for children. From works adapted from classic children’s stories to original contemporary scripts, each play inspires the imagination as it entertains.

With complete scripts for twenty plays plus a biographical sketch of each playwright, Theatre for Young Audiences is invaluable for anyone involved in children’s theatre, from community theatre groups to teachers and students of dramatic literature.

BEGINNINGS IN LITERATURE: (AMERICA READS) edited by Allen L. Madsen (Scott, Foresman)

This is part of a series called America Reads designed for middle school curriculum use and which includes many well-known and distinguished authors.

READING, GREAT EXPECTATIONS edited by Peter et al Afflerbach (Scott, Foresman)

This is a literary collection of works by well-known authors organized under topics e.g. “Goals Great and Small” most of which connect to specific school subject areas with skill lessons attached.

Voices, Plays for Studying the Holocaust Edited by Janet E. Rubin (Scarecrow Press)

This anthology edited by a Holocaust scholar includes a general historical background, 8 plays by internationally recognized authors, among them Robert Shaw and Tony Kushner, with production notes and teaching activities, and an extensive bibliography.

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Joanna H. Kraus is an award-winning playwright of eighteen published and widely produced scripts throughout the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, and an author of numerous short stories, children’s books, articles and reviews.